• to provide an approach ladder to alleviate the confusion of how to go about learning to invest. This will contain the basic financial know hows that you need to have an understanding
  • to answer the basic questions running across the mind of beginners through articles and blogs
  • To provide one line lessons from the masters of investing like Ben Graham, Dodd, Lynch, Buffet, Munger and many more.
  • to provide with small books of essential lessons from the popular finance and investment books, so that you don’t lose out at importance lessons due to volume fear of the books
  • to create forum to discuss important concepts and address doubts related to investment.

Everyone has money, little or big. But not many choose to put them at work. Some due to lack of financial know-how, yet others due to sheer negligence. Some fear the uncertainity of stock markets while others the amount of knowledge to be auired before investing. Frankly, sometime before, I was also amongst them.

But cheers!I have changed my stance and so have you.I have liked the taste of it and so would you.And take my words the recipe is quite simple.All you need is a little bit of you to walk down the road to financial riches.

So while I learn, I thought why not take along a bunch of other aspiring to be rich minds. Then I decided to create a platform where I can share my learnings and ask for yours.


So, this is an effort to help those aspiring to learn and earn through investment and to engage more and more people in the process of it. Not to forget, I am one among you all. Let’s Travel the road together.



Atal Bihari Vajpayee Indian Institute of Information Technology,Gwalior